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The scripting system is designed to give tremendous flexibility and is user-readable. Changes can be made without any modifications to the underlying system.

Scripts can be applied per Template to give remarkably tailored solutions for particular brokers and/or products.


Document Templates can be created by users, and the resulting documents downloaded on demand (and tied to the workflow). Output can be in PDF or Word (RTF).


A structured workflow system uses email notifications to give timely access to risk requests and update.

Web-based input forms

Web-based input forms (Risk Templates) can be created by the business users if required on a per-broker / per-business / per-product basis.

Data entry

To minimise data entry, “smart” defaults can be applied, fields can be auto-filled based upon the content of another field field, validation and calculations made.


iLines works on most devices including tablets, such as the iPad, and many smart phones.

Rating Engines

Extremely complex Rating Engines, customised automatic actions and calculations can be created by using the built-in scripting system.

Audit trails

Fully transparent audit trail for the complete risk workflow.


Reports can use the scripting system to extract common data from disparate product lines. Output can be to print, html or csv files.

Office integration

Can be easily integrated into back-office systems via web services, XML or batch file exports.


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