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Unix Servers

The iLines rack-mounted servers run an industrial strength Unix, and are the basis for several super-computer installations around the world. This combination of robust hardware, together with the resilience of Unix, creates the basis of the iLines security system. Successful virus and hacker attacks on this class of machines are virtually unheard of. Despite this track record, numerous additional techniques are used to provide additional security.


iLines uses a tightly integrated database and web server system which runs the iLines software in an environment similar to ASP. Pages are served via SSL. Transactions revolve around a state-control engine that only allows legal choices from the thousands of possible actions. This complexity is hidden from the user who is only presented with the allowable next steps in a transaction, but in an easy-to-use bulletin board environment. When transactions are complete, per-user XML files are created that may be exported to other computer systems. Despite an open market approach, business-to-business privacy is maintained where required.

Telecity / Redbus

The current servers are based within Telecity / Redbus, which is a high security, high reliability facility in London Docklands used by many large corporates and ISP's. This facility includes advanced access control and physical security, UPS and on-site generators, fire protection and high-speed backbone internet access.


iLines is designed to increase electronic trading within the market and also enable remote trading. To do so it uses high security web technologies which allow permission-based access anywhere on the internet. Specific techniques and tools were used to cross the divide of both remote working and high security.


Technical Detail

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